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Ch Yukiyama No Genshokuban Go, champion black and tan imported NIPPO-registered Shiba Inu stud dog in Ireland

Ch Yukiyama No Genshokuban Go
"Gen" - Black & Tan Male - IMP NED

NIPPO-registered red Shiba Inu stud dog in Ireland

New red NIPPO boy coming soon!
Watch this space!


Benten No Anzu Go, NIPPO-registered red Shiba Inu bitch imported from Japan to Ireland

Benten No Anzu Go
Meinansou Higashi

"An-chan" - Red Female - IMP JPN

Fuusei Tenmahime Go Kazeshimasou, homebred NIPPO-registered red Shiba Inu in Ireland

Fuusei Tenmahime Go

"Tenma" - Red Female - Homebred

Kazeshimasou Extended Family

Nishi No Oushou Go Kazeshimasou, red male Shiba Inu in Ireland

JCh Nishi No Oushou Go
Kazeshimasou CW-17 CJW-16

"Oushou" - Red Male
Owners: Magdalena Sikora & Kazeshimasou

Fuugenmaru Go Kazeshimasou, red Shiba Inu male born in Ireland

Fuugenmaru Go

"Maru" - Red Male
Owner: Gianluca Visini (Italy)

Retired Dogs

Ch Kyoshi Elles Belles CW-10, Crufts winning champion red Shiba Inu bitch in Ireland

Ch Kyoshi Elles Belles CW-10
"Belle" - Red Female - IRL

In Memoriam

Ran No Torasuzumaru Go Eikoku Inarisou, NIPPO-registered red/sashige imported Shiba Inu male in Ireland

Ran No Torasuzumaru Go
Eikoku Inarisou

"Tora" - Red/Sashige Male - IID JPN (via UK)


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