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Fair Use Policy for Copyrighted Images

This site makes use of some copyrighted images from external sources. These images are used for educational/informational purposes only as a resource to illustrate the ancestry and descendants of our dogs, and/or to educate the general public about quality Shiba Inu. Kazeshimasou does not profit from the use of these images in any manner whatsoever.

The images are credited to the photographer in all cases where the photographer is known. Credit will be given without hesitation to any photographer whose work appears uncredited on this site, if the information regarding their identity is provided to us. Likewise, if any image is inaccurately credited, this will be rectified upon receipt of the correct information.

The copyrighted images used on this site are in low resolution and no suitable alternative images of equivalent educational value are available which are not copyrighted. The images are of historically significant dogs, many of which are deceased and/or cannot be re-photographed.

The use of the copyrighted images substantially improves the educational/informational value of the material in which the images are included. Each image is used in a manner which does not compete with its copyright holder in any way, or decrease the value of the copyright to its holder.

This, we assert, constitutes fair use on this site of such images as are under copyright to third parties, and therefore does not constitute copyright infringement.


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