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Ch Yukiyama No Genshokuban Go, black and tan imported NIPPO-registered Shiba Inu stud dog, Ireland, champion showdog

Irish Champion & International Champion
Yukiyama No Genshokuban Go

Stud Information

Gen's offspring have had a lot of success in the show ring. His offspring have won top honours and various Champion titles both in Ireland and across Europe, making him TOP STUD DOG 2013 & 2014 in Ireland by a wide margin. His children have also gone on to produce champions and various winners all around Europe for their owners. We feel Gen has a lot to offer at stud to the right bitch, including his superb breed type, his correct head, eye and expression, his harsh, crisp, thick double coat, his correct size and bone, his general construction, obvious masculinity, remarkable intelligence and wonderful temperament. He has FCI and now also NIPPO registration (yobi-toroku).

Gen carries a very unique set of classic "old" bloodlines which must be used very carefully for best results. We feel he will best be matched with bitches from the Gen, Shunpuu (Kitayama) and Tsukasa No Ryuuou lines, as well as those with certain modern American pedigrees composed mainly of these elements. We feel he matches especially well to any bitch carrying the blood of his dam, Am Ch Morningstar Mia Chousei Sou. He will stamp Mia's type to bitches from this line. He is one of the last stud dogs left from Mia's line whose bloodline is reliably Koryuu-free and also entirely Atsumi-free, therefore he offers something a bit different especially for a black and tan dog. His pedigree is set up particularly to produce correctly-marked black and tan offspring. 

Gen is 39.5cm (15.5") tall, has full dentition and a correct scissor bite. He is tested clear of inherited eye conditions including glaucoma, cataracts and PRA and is free from luxating patella (score 0/0). His parents also have excellent health test results. Gen has not produced any puppies with the genetic short toe defect to our knowledge. Like many black and tan Shibas, Gen carries the gene for white/cream (genotype a(t)a(t)Ee). However, he is DNA tested free from the gene for long coat and also does not carry the gene for piebald/pinto/white spotting.

Gen is available at stud to breeders whom we feel are like-minded in their aims for the breed, whose high standards and ethics match our own. We will only consider very special, healthy bitches with complementary bloodlines. If you wish to use Gen at stud over your bitch please send us an email via the Contact page well in advance, stating which of her qualities you would like to preserve and which you would like to improve with the mating. We will also require a copy of her pedigree and details of her previous offspring, if any. We want to know what your plans are for the offspring of Gen and your bitch, including what your breeding plans for later generations will be. We will then evaluate the information you give us to decide if Gen will make a good match for your bitch.

Gen is available for live matings only. We are not currently offering frozen or fresh chilled semen for shipping.


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