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Puppy Price Guide

Our Shiba puppies are priced individually and will vary depending on different factors. However, the following can be taken as a general guide as to what you can expect to pay for a Kazeshimasou Shiba Inu pup. From 2018, Kazeshimasou will be providing primary registration for all pet puppies with NIPPO only. Dual FCI & NIPPO registration will be provided on request in exceptional cases, for export or for show/breeding quality dogs, to clients who are established breeders of good standing. All costs relating to pet passport, export and transport, if applicable, are in addition to these prices.

This price guide is subject to change at any time. Prices are given in Euro (€/EUR).

Description Price guide
Pet quality puppy ~€1250
Show potential puppy €2500-€3000
Pet quality adult/junior Varies
Show quality adult/junior Varies, €3000+
Retired* neutered adult Cost of neutering + €100 (no papers given)

Pet quality dogs of any age are not allowed to be bred from under any circumstances, with a contract to that effect. Show potential puppies or show quality adults come with full breeding rights. A deposit/holding fee equalling 20% of the full purchase price of the puppy must be placed by the prospective new owner at the first viewing appointment at 6 weeks old in order to reserve a puppy in their name. The remaining 80% of the purchase price is due at the time of collection at 8 weeks old. A small boarding fee per day will apply if a buyer wishes Kazeshimasou to hold onto their reserved puppy longer than the usual collection age of 8 weeks old, up to a maximum of 2 extra weeks.

*"Retirement" is defined as when a dog or bitch is no longer going to be bred from or shown, and needs a loving fireside home of their own for various reasons such as perhaps not getting along with one or more of the other dogs at Kazeshimasou. Retired dogs will always have been neutered prior to rehoming.

Please note: Kazeshimasou will not, under any circumstances, negotiate over the purchase price of any dog.


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